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Mobile Is The Future

If you're not connecting with customers on mobile, you're losing out.


Built using Node.js and Mongodb, Node's "event loop" is central to being able to handle high throughput scenarios. Our cloud based API is always there for you and auto-scales to cater to your needs.

You Decide

It's an HTTP SMS gateway, just make a GET/POST request.

Sean Ngu
Eric PavlioukFull Stack Developer

Our Experience

Local TOIP/VOIP numbers
Instant Provisioning
Handle response on your own server
build AI
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Auto Response


npm install puretext

Empowered by more than 40,000 customers around the world. Developers love us already.


Not just another texting API

Instant Provisioning

Need a new number for call forwarding or texting? Get it now!

Bulk SMS

Promote a flash sale or invite everyone to your event at once by selecting multiple contacts.


With our API you can use 2 way SMS without expensive short codes with absolute ease.

2 way SMS

Capable of sending and receiving texts via a Long Code (Local TOIP number)

HTTP SMS gateway

No SMPP bindings to manage, just make a GET/POST request to us and we'll take where your message needs to go.

Group Texting

Add your contacts and send texts to a target group at once.


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